Sandbags – how to…

Manufacturer: FIMO;
Scale: 1:48;
Materials: FIMO polymer clay;
Paints: Citadel – spray black primer, XV-88, reikland fleshshade, nuln oil, mournfang brown, zandri dust;
Tools: Revell cutting matt; Brushes (varied sizes); Dry brushes (varied sizes); Wooden stirrer;


Last weeks I was focused on building some barricades and bunker out of sand bags for my KV-1 diorama. It’s still work in progress but slowly getting there 😉 ( I always say that). When I’ve posted my WIP pictures on few FB Groups some of you guys and gals was asking how I’ve made it. So specially for you I’ve made a little how to, hope it’s easy to follow and you like it 😉

Step 1 – Clay  Ball
Im using FIMO polymer clay, as I have plenty of it ( my wife is using it in her handcrafts), can be used any other polymer clay, paper clay etc. Get yourself desired amount of clay and soften in your hands


Softened ball of FIMO polymer clay

Step 2 – Sausage 
Roll ball into thin sausage. I’ve made my build for 1:48 scale so my sausage diameter was around 7-8mm


8mm clay sausage roll

Step 3 – Texturing 
To add fabric texture on your future sandbags flatten sausage roll with fabric. I’ve covered sausage roll with cotton white napkin and flattened it underneath it. Do not make it to flat, I’ve squeezed mine to around 2/3 of its starting size. Remember to add texture on sides as well. This is how it look on mine roll.


Flattened sausage and texture added

Step 4 – Cut to size
Get something to cut but not to thin (in my case wooden stirrers works absolutely perfect) and cut your sausage to the size of sandbags. A bit thicker cutting edge will produce for you nice shape at both ends of your sandbags. Mine is around 16-18mm to match the scale.


Sausage slices 

Step 5 – Shaping

Gently remove your sandbags from cutting matt. Bend down a little both ends and add some extra shapes by carving it with wooden stirrer. After this you can start your build.


Basic sandbag wall 

Step 6 – Oven baking
When your build is ready you can harden your construction. To harden polymer clay you can cook it in boiling water or bake it in the oven at 110C temperature for around 20min. When fully hardened leave it to cool and you can start painting.

Step 7 – Painting 
Unleash your creativity… 😀 Here are some pictures how my sandbags turned out.


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