WIP KV-1B 756(r) in 1:48 scale – Sandbags

WIP Sandbags cover 

Manufacturer: Hobby Boss
Scale: 1:48
Materials: SuperGlue; FIMO -polymer clay; Wooden stirrers; Printer paper; 0.4mm  wire;
Paints: Citadel – driad bark, reikland fleshshade, nuln oil, mournfang brown, black acrylic primer;  Hair spray; Cotton cloth to add texture

One of longest ongoing projects I have so far, after my come back to modelling because I’ve lost an idea where I want to go with it and  in meantime I’ve managed to finish this bad boy.

Last morning idea just clicked in my head. So I’ve started to build. Sandbags and wooden panels are scratch build. Will keep you updating how build goes.


FIMO Polymer clay sandbags and wooden stirrers wall

To build sand bags I’ve used medium FIMO polymer clay leftovers, which my wife was using for her handcrafts. It’s very good quality material and nicely picks texture from fabrics also when soften can be used to create fine details on your builds. Soon will post in “How To” section, how I made my sandbags.


First colouring and some barrels to add more life to scene

Next step was to scratch build fuel barrels and paint them – more about it will be added soon in “How To” section.


Shading and highlights

More WIP of this build coming soon. Hope you enjoy it!


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