Sd.Kfz.232 went Post Apocalyptic WIP

Sd.Kfz.232 in 1:48 scale Work In Progress (WIP)

Manufacturer: Tamiya
Scale: 1:48
Materials: Mod Podge; Revell cement glue; iron oxide; cinnamon;
Paints: Citadel – driad bark, reikland fleshshade, nuln oil, mournfang brown, castellan green, runefang stell; black acrylic primer (Wilco), Hair spray.

So here is another one of many ongoing builds. Some time ago I’ve had idea to build something different. After joining Post-Apocalyptic Modelling – Welcome To The Zone! Facebook Group few ideas popped-up in my head. 

I wanted something badly rusted, tired, and modified to survive in Post Apocalyptic world. As I’ve never done something like this before I’ve started to improvise. You can see big influence of Mad Max Movies and Mad Max Game but I think this little fella came quite well 😉
Assembling model it self was a nice and relaxing job. Tamiya models are nicely fitted and mould are clean. Again to my feel plastic used by Tamiya is a bit to soft but at least it’s easy to cut and work with 😉 When main body was finished the fun part came scratch building. Side spiked panels are made of 260g paper same with ram spikes in front of car. Harpoon cannon scratch builded from models frames leftovers, harpoon line build of jewellery steel thread,  boom sticks made from jewellery steel needles, colour threads and models frames leftovers. Rocket launcher was made of old pens.  Next step will be a base for him!




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