How to… Barbed wire

Materials: 0.4mm steel thread
Tools: Cordless drill, flat nose pliers

Another idea is building in my head how to finish my HobbyBoss KV-1 756 (r) tank but I needed for it a barbed wire. Unfortunately it’s a bit pricey so I’ve decided to make my own. My wife shared with me her steel thread so I didn’t have to buy new one. Making barbed wire is not really hard thing, specially after some practice. At the beginning it may be bit time consuming but later it’s worth the effort. I’ve done some research and decided to make simple two spiked wire. 


Reference photo of barbed wire

Step 1 Cut steel thread to desired size and fold it on half over something what keep it in place.


Thread folded over my tools box handle

Step 2 Mount the other end in drill head and lock it tight


Loose ends mounted in cordless drill head

Step 3 Fun part starts – Give it a good spin for about 3s (time may vary and depends of  speed of your drill). After this your wire should look like this.


Finished steel string

Cut it from both ends and you can go for boring part 😉

Step 4 Making Loops – cut single thread about twice long as your main wire and start making loops like on picture (about every 10mm). It’s the boring part 😉


Loops on mine wire

You can use pliers or hands. With pliers you can do it more tightly. It’s very important to do it as tight as possible so later on spikes won’t be moving on main wire. To secure loops in place you can add drop of super glue.


Securing loops with super glue

Step 5 – When super glue dry you may start cutting unwanted pieces. I cut mine to leave around 1mm spike on each side. Than you can give it spiral look by wrapping it around something round. I’ve used for this my broken router WI-FI antenna.


Finished wire

You can give it some final touches by painting it, adding rust, debris etc. Have a fun and enjoy your self made cheap and outstanding barbed wire!


Test shot of barbed wire and KV-1 756 (r)


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