Be nice to your wife…

…and she will reward you!
My beloved one unleashed my gadgets and tools craving part of the soul and few days ago my Airbrush came in along with little compressor. It’s time to learn new things.
71Flk9lQiDL._SL1001_It’s generic dual-action, gravity feed Airbrush with 0.2mm, 0.3mm and 0.5mm needles and water trap.
Compressor is with auto start stop function, absolutely quiet and weigh around 3kg. All together set works well – so far (as much as I can say without any experience).
Here is first go with airbrush.


Body sprayed with Citadel black primer


Preparing for rusting

First thoughts –  it’s not that hard as I was thinking at the beginning. With tips from few people on modellers forums, It was not that hard to start. Citadel regular paints thinned with acrylic thinner and bit of water are working nicely as well. I’m happy with this set which didn’t cost me more than £50. I would recommend it to everyone who want to start their adventure with airbrushing!


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