KV-1 756(r) Texturing and rust effect WIP

Panzer Kampfwagen KV-1B 756(r) in 1:48 scale

Manufacturer: Hobby Boss
Scale: 1:48
Materials: Mod Podge; Revell cement glue; iron oxide;
Paints: Citadel – driad bark, reikland fleshshade, nuln oil, mournfang brown, castellan green, runefang stell; black acrylic primer (Wilco), Hair spray.

After posting some of my WIP on social media, plenty of you guys asked how I did my rust and texture effect on this model. So here it is, a few words how was it made. Unfortunately didn’t grab enough pictures but hopefully you will still find it useful and helpful.  All links in text are only to show how certain paints and materials look like not to encourage you to buy it from those resources.


WIP – textured and weathered

Step 1 – Priming
Prime whole part that you want to texture with your favourite primer and let it dry. I was using acrylic black paint from Wilco (my old black primer form Citadel got dry after not being used for couple of years or more)  but will have to move to something better as I don’t really like how it covers the surfaces and also wears off very quickly.

Step 2 – Texturing 

For adding texture to turret, body and other parts I’ve used Mod Podge (you can get it here). How to – spread it evenly at whole surface ( you can add thicker layers where you want to add deeper scratches etc.) and let it dry for about 30s. When it got more sticky I’ve used dry brush and tap with on whole surface it will give you nice scratchy and grainy look. To achieve this you can also use Green Scourer, sponge etc. Different looks can be achieved by using different materials with Mod Podge. My final effect looked like this.


Textured body

Why Mod Podge not the white glue? I have a large bottle of Mod Podge as we use it with wife in different projects, it’s also thicker than white glue and dries faster. Also tried to do it with Reeves Medium Gloss Gell and it worked really well. Do not afraid to experiment!

Step 3 – Pre-rusting for chipping 

This step can be skipped, it’s up to you how you want to do you’r rust effects (chipping, scratching, dry brushing, sponge tapping and probably hundreds other technics and names that I’m not familiar with 😉 )

To add rust colour I’ve used – driad bark, reikland fleshshade, nuln oil, mournfang brown from Citadel. How to and where – first, look at the pictures on internet, do some tries. Do some research, I know it’s time consuming but worth it. First of all experiment and do not afraid to fail (for experimenting I’ll recommend models that are not your favourite ones or just bended, folded and glued together pieces of cardboard, plastic etc.).


Found somewhere thanks to Google Images

If you not sure where to apply rust do a little trial, get wet brush and tap some surfaces you will see where water goes, where it stays etc. Those markings can give you brief look where your tank may get rusted after being exposed to different weather conditions.


Textured and pre-rusted


Step 4 – Sealing with hair spray 

If you will go for chipping by washing main colour and exposing colours underneath it, hairspray is a must otherwise you will dissolve all layers of paint and believe me you will not be happy with effects. I’m usually applying two layers of hair spray to feel more secure.

Step 4 – Base painting

After hair spray layers dried I’ve painted my tower with Citadel Castellan green paint. Let it dry and you’re ready for next step.


Step 5 – Chipping and washing

Like I mentioned above there’s lot of different ways of chipping, you can use dry brushes, paint with a thin hairy stick, use coarse salt, sourer, sponge etc. I’ve done a bit of everything except salt if you will be interested I’ll may do some HowTo about it in the future. Try them and pick one you like and use it. I’ve also used Iron Oxide powder (for the first time in my life 😉 No i don’t have bottle large like this 😉 ) and I really like effects.   Add some effects with washes. Last thing I’ve done before it will go for final touches was applying runefang stell from Citadel to expose metal in different areas.


Rusting and weathering WIP

Hope you enjoyed it and find it useful. Happy painting and experimenting!


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