Cromwell MkIV

Airfix Cromwell MkIV Tank – Starter Set

Manufacturer: AirFix
Scale: 1:76
Materials: Mod Podge; Revell cement glue; Cinnamon; Marjoram; Dried paprika; Oregano;    Nutmeg; Citadel – Mordheim Turf; Plywood;
paints: AirFix – provided with the model; Citadel – Nuln Oil,  Reikland Fleshshade; Black acrylic primer (Wilco), Hair spray

Some time ago I’ve joined a few modellers groups on FB. Watching all those amazing builds made me want to back to modelling. After more than 7 years of break and doing models only casually before I wanted to start from something easy. One of local stores had this little fellow from Airfix for less than £8. I gave it ago along with a Supermarine Spitfire (It’s story will be presented to you in later posts 😉 ) for £7 – Bargain! I must say it was nice come back.


Finished Cromwell MKIV with slightly crooked machine gun

Simulation of mud and dirt on caterpillars and wheels with curry powder, parsley and marjoram.


Dirt and wetness simulation


My thoughts – Cromwell MkIV Tank – 1:76 is really nice tank for starting (returning) your adventure with modelling. Nice amount of details and parts will let you soak into this build for a few hours. Parts are fitted nicely and there is not too much flash after casting. One thing I really didn’t like was AirFix paints coming with set so instead using those I’ve used my old Citadel Paints that I was using to paint miniatures for our board games. However it’s not really my scale in the future I think I will go for 1:48 scale. Let’s see how my “come back” mood will last. Overall model came quite nicely and I must say – IT’S GOOD TO BE BACK!
Along with the model came idea to document my return and “new” adventure with modelling.
Welcome on my blog and feel free to browse through it! Enjoy your modelling everyone!  


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